Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Beginning RubyOnRails: The view layer helpers

One thing I’ve found great in the Rails framework API is that provides a lot of built-in classes and methods to help coding a page, and once you know a little about them, they are very useful.

An example of this is the ActionView::Helpers::DateHelper module, who provides date methods for the presentation layer, its very useful to accelerate the view construction.

One of my favourites is the date_select method that let you create a date combo-style drop down with many options, and it support the disabled property too!

So look at this example:

date_select ('one_object', 'the_method', :disabled => true)

Yep, and now you have a drop down combo box with endless dates in your page!, it really improves programmers coding speed, isnt it?

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