Saturday, March 24, 2007

The way is Shut

Hi!, my blog has moved,

you can reach me at , my new personal blog (only available in Spanish).

This was my first blog and for the last year and a half I have been writing here different sort of things. It really started at 2005 with no real expectations and no main goal at all. In the beginnings this blog was a place to leave the resumes for my university colleagues, and later maybe as a way to try this "blogging" activity, time goes by and it finally works to find a way to express myself. (A way of art maybe? like coding, painting etc…)

It has been a really great experience to blog in English, I have made a lot of friends around the world, but one lesson I have learned here is that blogging is a natural activity, you have to be very comfortable with your blogging, and you have to love it.

The thing here is that writing in English a couple of times per month is not part of my daily basis, and it’s not natural for a Spanish speaker living in Argentina. J

So, a couple of months ago I have started another blog, this time in a dot com environment and its from there where I will continue my journey, this time for my friends, co-workers, university colleagues, my students, and all the Spanish people around the world.

See you at Marketing Interactivo y Nuevos Medios!

Victor Rottenstein.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

The Best Web Operations team

Today i have a great conversation with one of my colleagues about the diferent options we have to create the best web operation team structure, the interesting thing here is that we haven't agreed so far, but this exercise helps a lot to understand how to improve our team.

The true here is that our team is working great, but the main goal behind this is to have the best solution for a every web operation team fully business oriented and with a strong teamwork spirit, all of these in a offshoring multicultural project. This exercise brings to us a lot of different issues to be solved like:

  • How to engage all resources with our uniqueness customers culture?
  • How to improve the customer brand knowledge for the internal resources?
  • How to promote and measure customer satisfaction with different scenarios?
  • How to align all employees with teamwork?

We will continue with our work, and i think the results will shows up quickly...we will see :)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Project Management communication tips for Offshoring projects

Hi, I am a person, and if you are sitting there reading this post, its because you are probably a person too. Think about it for a second, you are reading something that maybe is relevant for you in some way, or maybe it isn't but you are taking a few seconds on it.

What about if I am a project Manager and you are my client?, I'm sure I have a lot of fresh news and information that you will be interested in, so its crystal clear that its my duty to keep you informed with the schedule updates, and the status of all deliverables of our project.

Offshoring projects

So, the thing here is going to be more complicated when you are at your office and you are the responsible for the project inside your company, so you are the face of the project for the whole company!, and I am sitting here with my project team members thousands kilometres away, across hundreds of mountains and rivers.
At this point I call this situation a project BLIND Execution. You have to wait for my updates and read my e-mails to understand the situation of your project, in this scenario i have been thinking in some key concepts to keep a good ongoing communication for you, as Project Manager, and it works, no matter the Project management methodology that you are using, it works, or at least it works for me.

Communication TIPS

Timeline visibility : keep your client updated with the whole picture, if there is a minimal gap in the timeline, communicate it as fast as you can. it will save future head pains.

Stay connected: don't let your client feel that you are lost. You could use, MSN, Skype, Cell phone, Nextel or whatever you like.

Checkpoints: you have to schedule conference calls with your client on a weekly basis, its a formal revision checkpoint with a previous predefined agenda. don't forget to send a formal document with the agreements after this meeting!

A Team: You have a team working with you, its your duty to get your client to know the team, otherwise, the client will not see your team efforts, and he could think that your resources are really ghosts.

Fullfill your oath: you are far away from your client, he needs to trust you, so this is really important if you want to get a success project done.You have to fullfill your commitment, and you have to get your timeline done in the dates you have said before. its not negotiable unless project scope changes.

Over communicate: always remember that its better to send an e-mail twice, rather than don't send anything. Think about all the data your client will need.

I hope this post helps you in your daily work, it works for me and my colleagues in the way to success for most cross country projects with different cultures involved.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How to learn SEO? (for spanish speakers)

SEO (Search Engine optimization) its a kind of new discipline developed for the last years around the whole Search Engines Business. Over at Wikipedia we can read:

"Search engine optimization (SEO) as a subset of search engine marketing seeks to improve the number and quality of visitors to a web site from "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results"

I'm doing a research about SEO since september, learning deeply about this, so I suggest to read the new "ABigDoor, SEO y posicionamiento" (in spanish) blog daily to keep you updated and to involve yourself in the SEO world.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

A simple management concept

The other day I was reading an interesting article (sadly I don`t remember where...) , and it shows a simple and powerful management concept. it says:

"if you have a task , and it takes less than 2 minutes, do it right now!"

Its an interesting point, because by default we always are doing these kind of To-Do lists that are increasing all the time, so maybe think about it for a second...I am sure you could reduce your To-Do list dramatically if you start doing the less-than-2-minutes tasks right now! :)