Friday, February 09, 2007

The Best Web Operations team

Today i have a great conversation with one of my colleagues about the diferent options we have to create the best web operation team structure, the interesting thing here is that we haven't agreed so far, but this exercise helps a lot to understand how to improve our team.

The true here is that our team is working great, but the main goal behind this is to have the best solution for a every web operation team fully business oriented and with a strong teamwork spirit, all of these in a offshoring multicultural project. This exercise brings to us a lot of different issues to be solved like:

  • How to engage all resources with our uniqueness customers culture?
  • How to improve the customer brand knowledge for the internal resources?
  • How to promote and measure customer satisfaction with different scenarios?
  • How to align all employees with teamwork?

We will continue with our work, and i think the results will shows up quickly...we will see :)

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