Sunday, August 13, 2006

WebOs: a real web Operating System? (Part II)

In the first article I have written a little introduction about WebOs, the next move on web based applications (at base level).
Well, so far there are many WebOs applications online and I could quickly understand that some of them are a solid long-term endeavour with a vast funding behind. The others are web (Ajax powered) experiments, APIs integrations and creative ideas of great programmers trying to show us what they can do for our future web based world.
Nowadays we can clearly see the first part of these applications lifecycle; they are emerging as experimental products.
Some of them are 100% “web 2.0” compliant, with the “beta” legend (and “alpha” too..) and a web 2.0 graphic design with all details included.
This is the list that I’m currently reviewing:

- eyeOs
- YouOs
- Twinklefish
- Orca
- DesktopTwo

And yes, as you can see it seems most of them are Web desktop-emulation applications, but not a real Operating System for the next wave.

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