Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blogs: Unclear benefits?

There are a lot of blogs over the internet, technorati reports about 55 million blogs!, and this number was growing exponentially for the last 2 years.
So, in these days everybody knows what a weblog is, but it seems that not everybody could tell us the blog benefits as a marketing e-strategy tool.
A recently research performed by “the first European Survey on Weblogs in Public Relations and Communication Management” with almost 550 professionals in 33 countries shows up the real statistics :

The 31.3 % say that a definitely factor for not implementing blogs is that blogs have unclear benefits, followed by a 22.1% of no personnel capacity and a 13.8% of No budget.

I think it really reveal that the market has a lack of information about this technology as a e-marketing communication tool, yet is true that it hasn’t a direct ROI measure.

I will be back with this next week, and maybe we could share opinions about the blogs benefits as a marketing tool.

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Anonymous said...

Hi!, its really true!, and its dificult to understand a measurable benefit from it for a small business...

Adrian said...

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