Friday, November 10, 2006

Advertisement: ReviewMe, a blogging media network

Its funny to see how is changing the business model of the web itself, the Web 2.0 principles are changing the way of “traditional” interactive marketing itself.
“Traditional” I have said? Yes, because it’s like interactive marketing is an old definition nowadays.
Software is evolving in this way too, this industry has a mutated business model with a evolution of the first bubble ASP model (application service provider) making a real conversion to the “web as platform” model in all aspects.
So, in this Web 2.0 scenario, how do you imagine your product be to spread over the net? , NOO, forget a landing page with a nice brochure!, and think about it as the possibility of thousands talking about your product!, not only because they want, but because you have hired them! .
But, how? : Today a new 2.0 start-up emerged , its called reviewMe and its a media network site that interact between advertisers and bloggers, so you could just invest a small portion of your web campaign and let your bloggers hired by reviewMe to do your viral marketing job. One thing interesting here is that talking well about products is not mandatory for bloggers, since it’s a real review, nmmm… be careful with your brand positioning…
And of course, this is a Sponsored Post... : )


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