Thursday, January 18, 2007

I am back (I have changed this title because this post has changed!)

Hi!, I´m back, the thing is I am living busy days right now with a lot of work divided into several categories from Consulting, management issues and SEO..., but I have decided to continue blogging.
Besides that I have worked late at nights thinking about the new insite website, we will change it asap, we have to!

"Es muy cool"
By the way, the esmuycool blogging start-up its doing great. Not as my personal blog but as research experiment to understand several aspects of readers behaviour.And it has one full time blogger. We have received almost 1100 visits for the last month and 17 RSS daily readers.

What will you find on this 1879 blog?
So, in this blog you will find a few ideas directly delivered from my brain, and usually at night. The main topics will cover:

  • Interactive marketing and Web 2.0 in general.
  • SEO / SEM
  • Management related stories from the trenches
I hope to see you reading my blog :) , sadly I have disable comments because I´m not happy with Google comments administration. (But I´m trying to change this blog to Wordpress shortly), in the meantime i will be waiting for your e-mails as ussual


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