Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How to create a web 2.0 logo?

It’s interesting to see how all 2.0 sites are aligned in the main design lines, today we can quickly understand if we are into a 2.0 site with nothing more than a few second of looking it.
A 2.0 site logo is a project itself, because it’s a unique endeavor and it requires understanding the main concepts of the culture behind this movement.

All 2.0 logos share common properties that you have to keep in mind at the time to create your site logo. There are great references at wikipedia page, but here you have the key concepts:

Key concepts

  1. Usually the 2.0 logos are placed in a white background, but some of them have a color background with strength vivid colors or black.
  2. They usually have an icon (created for the logo of course...) before the text.
  3. If they have no icon, they may have 2 colors for the fonts. Like one word with blue, and other with green.
  4. Frequently the logos are made with a Rounded face Font, the most used fonts are: VAG rounded, Arial rounded and Helvetica rounded.
  5. Of course is essential to have the Wet floor effect and the beta slogan too.

I hope this could help you to create your 2.0 site logo.

The real interesting thing here is that we as humans are always trying to “tag” ourselves in a particular category to fit in a particular type of human group, could it be a social network or business group or whatever, think about it...

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Great article!, i have to design a new logo an it helps a lot!