Monday, September 18, 2006

“Interactive advergaming”: The Marketing enhanced view of advergaming.

Since last week I have received a lot of e-mails asking about the “interactive advergaming” benefits and also about the comparison between “I-ad” and a traditional advergaming campaign.

I will try to explain the main concept behind “i-ad”.
Like I said in my previous post, I-ad is a “derivation of advergaming that gives (to the sponsored company) the power to measure, analyze, and to understand in a real time way, what the clients are doing while they are playing into the computer based internet game”.

This is a simple fact, when you are talking about advergaming; you are talking about games (console, or computer game) that could have one of these:
1 - a explicit publicity inside
2 - an in-gaming referring to the sponsored brand
3 - a whole experience based on a e-marketing action enclosed by the sponsored brand.

So, what’s the difference with I-ad?
While a traditional advergaming campaign is an advertising mechanism, I have defined:

I-advergaming is a Marketing enhanced view of advergaming.

Hence, when you are thinking about “i-ad” you have a two way interactive relationship:
A user playing the game and a marketer, both of them in a real time relationship.

That’s the main difference, and that’s why I have defined “i-ad” as a derivation of advergaming. Thanks to all of you for the great support and all the e-mails, see you in the next post..

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