Saturday, October 14, 2006

3 reasons to choose Blogger beta

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Blogger was a good and easy-to-use blogging platform for end users till now, but with the release of the new Blogger-beta they are moving into the next level.
Based on the Web 2.0 principles it provides a web based platform instead of free distributed software and it fixes a lot of usability problems I have found in the previous releases.
This new version has a user friendly interface, one important thing here is that the Blogger users don’t need to know how to code.
Finally I will describe the 3 main reasons of why Blogger-beta is the blogging platform for every end-user.

  • 1 - look & feel wizard: you can choose your template, and it has a great tool to change every detail including, all colors, fonts, etc… , in addition, it lets you to modify or to upload your own template.

  • 2 - Layout: a great Ajax-style screen that let you changes your information architecture quickly, it lets you to add and arrange all page elements easily.

  • 3 - Labels: finally they have introduced this basic feature; this will let you to “tag” your content and to create categories for every post.

I have made a big research over the net and tested a lot of different blogging platforms, I think its clear now that Blogger has an advantage over its competitors for the end user blogging platform.

Victor Rottenstein

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Anonymous said...

Awesome!, i didnt know the "beta" yet, i think i will try it now!