Thursday, November 02, 2006

Web 2.0 start-up research challenge

(see update for this post in the Web 2.0 startup DAY 2 post)

Today I’m starting a new lab experiment, a journey to the exposed world of buzz-words and social e-marketing strategies. I know I will face great peril in the far away lands of coders, wizards and designers, but I hope to see the end of the road with my head on.

The Main objective: To Build a web 2.0 start-up, collaboratively and without a cent.

The explanation:
“To build a Web 2.0 start-up”:
A Web 2.0 application online, tested and working.
“Collaboratively”: made by the hands of many people around the world.
“Without a cent”: No money invested, no venture capital, only a few hours for each participant, and a lot of burgers on the way.

Research Objectives:

  • Research and test the e-marketing tools of web 2.0
  • Test and measure the extreme projects methodology.
  • Test and measure the power of XP software development methodology
  • Test and measure the Ruby language learning curve.
  • To see how long is required to get a critical mass using a Web 2.0 site without standards e-marketing advertising campaign.
  • Research about positioning, SEO and SEM
  • Measure the maintain effort needed for a standard web 2.0 application.

The Strategy: Use of the contacts network, the web 2.0 power, and to pray.

Team so far:
me, (Victor Rottenstein), as Project Manager.
Do you want to join us?, its free!, its easy!, send me an e-mail and tell me what you can do to contribute with the project,.. And you almost in.



Anonymous said...

Great idea!, but i can't figure out how will the project be coordinated, Its funny anyway!could I help as CSS Designer?, i will send an e-mail...

Ramon Antonio Parada said...

I also want a free developer team for my Web 2.0 website. Of course free code...

Tapiwa said...

so how will you divvy up the proceeds.

would be happy to take part, but expect a slice of the action at the end.

Vic said...

The result of this project is an academic research analysis, the only propose of the collaborative building is to build an open source platform that will be ditributed freely.