Friday, November 03, 2006

Web 2.0 startup - DAY 2

The first project scope change emerge quickly, since I have received a lot of e-mails yesterday, and there is no enough space in the project for to many people, lets change the business model, we will not build a web 2.0 Open source application, we are going to build a web 2.0 startup (with a real business model) instead.
So, this produced the first… Main objective update:

“To Build a web 2.0 start-up, collaboratively* and with a small investment"

The explanation:
“To build a Web 2.0 start-up”: A Web 2.0 startup online, tested and working.
“Collaboratively*”: made by the hands of many people around the world, they will be hired for this job.
“With a small investment”: No money invested on traditional e-marketing, no venture capital, already have a business plan .

Another research objective came up:

  • To measure the power of blog as a communication tool for project management.

DAY 2 Brief
Team so far:
me, (Victor Rottenstein), as Project Manager.
% of the final product complete: 0%



Anonymous said...

I just have send my resume.., how will be able to work from the other side of the world?

Elturu al fadi.

Vic said...

Hi Elturu, we will use a Project management methodology and communications tools like, skype and slideshare...

Thanks!, i will get back to you by e-mail.